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Today in Azerbaijan "Od-charshanbasi"

Today, Azerbaijan held "Od-charshanbasi" which is popularly called "Usku- charshanbasi" or "Ojag- charshanbasi" on March 6.

Today's day is connected with people's belief in the power of the Sun and fire. According to customs and traditions, today people kindle a fire and jump over it, throwing their troubles and adversity into a burning fire. A bonfire and a flame symbolize the warmth and the coming of spring.

Researchers connect "Od- charshanbasi" with one of the main religions of ancient times, which was also spread on the territory of Azerbaijan - fire worship. The sacredness of fire, faith and the worship of people with fire, reflected in the book of Zoroaster "Avesta" have clearly manifested themselves throughout history.

General information about the fire can also be found in the epic "Kitabi-Dede Gorgud". The epic shows the attitude of people to the fire and its holiness. This means that since ancient times fire was always appreciated and stored in Azerbaijan.