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The electronic catalog of the famous Azerbaijani composer Gara Garaev was created

ANAS Central Scientific Library (CSL) created an electronic catalog of the outstanding composer, People's Artist of the USSR, academician Gara Garaev.

As part of the composer's 100th anniversary, the electronic catalog includes, digitized and electronically the readers are presented with all the documents associated with it.

So, the basis of the National Digital Memory of the CNB includes works by Gara Garaev in notes and books dedicated to the composer " Gara Garaev and Azerbaijani folk music (falcon intonation and study of form-building features)", "Chingiz Aitmatov: I am the son of Manas", "Tambra-acoustic features of pianoforte in orchestral works of Azerbaijani composers","Life and work of Kara Karayev in the materials of the Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture","Works by Gara Garaev for Flute and Piano","Feature and manifestations of ashug music in the works of Uzeyir Hajibeyli, Gara Garayev and".

The digital base of Gara Garaev was also transferred to the Azerbaijan National Library after M.F.Akhundov.