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An annual report meeting of public relations departments at ANAS

The reporting meeting of the public relations departments of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) has been held today. The event was organized by the Office of Public Relations and Science Popularization of ANAS.

Speaking at the event, Zulfugar Farzaliyev, head of Office of Public Relations and Science Popularization, emphasized the importance of creating a public relations department in each institution in terms of the preparation and specialization of journalists in various fields of science.

Deputy head of the department, member of the Union of Journalists of Azerbaijan Ulviyya Rzayeva emphasized the establishment of public relations department of more than 40 institutes and organizations of ANAS is an important factor in strengthening the scientific information science and development of scientific-popular journalism.

The speaker pointed out the importance of providing annual reports on the work done in these departments.

Then the heads of public relations departments of the institutes of ANAS made a presentation about the work carried out during the reporting year. PhD in physics Aynura Jafarova from the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS, PhD in technical sciences Zaur Agamaliyev, PhD on Philology Elchin Galiboglu, PhD in Economics from the Institute of Economics Mahir Zeynalov, PhD on Biology Ayaz Mammadov, Rasim Mahmudov from Institute of Information Technology, Vusala Rafiggizi from Republican Seismological Service Center of ANAS, Parviz Gasimov from the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography gave information about the main activity directions of the department, web site management and information , the dynamics of the appeals on the site, the work done in the field of social media promotion.