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The next meeting of the Scientific Council has been held

The next meeting of the Scientific Council, ANAS has been held. The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

1.      On the scientific-research reports of 2015.

2.      On the tests of minimum exams.

3.      On the approval of the doctoral dissertation subject of the director of Nakhchivan AR veterinary research centre, G.T.Farhadov.

4.      On Changing of the name of Scientific worker of the laboratory of the introduction of beneficial insects and the scientific basis of biological control, Sh.Maharramova’s candidate's dissertationand approval of the Scientific supervisor.

The name of G.T.Farhadov’s doctoral dissertation has been approved as "Helminth fauna of the ruminants, landscape and ecological characteristics of their spreading, ways of formation of fauna in Nakhchivan".

Sh.Maharramova’s candidate dissertation on “Pests of forest-fruit plants in the east of Azerbaijan, parasites and predator insects and their uses” has been changed to “Parasitoid complex and species composition of leaf rollers (Lepidoptera:Torticidae), causing damage to forest-fruit plants in the east of the Azerbaijan”. Sc.D. in Biology Kh.Aliyev was appointed to the scientific supervisor.

Other issues discussed at the meeting were approved by ballot.