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Presented "Planets of the Solar System" book

The presentation of the book "Planets of the Solar System" by  Adalet Atayi, PhD in physics, Head of the Planets and Minor Celestials Department of Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named (SHAO) after N. Tusi of ANAS was held.

At the event held at the Observatory's Baku section, Deputy Director of Scientific Research Department of the SHAO, PhD on Physics and Mathematics Elchin Babayev delivered information about the book to the event participants.

Then, PhD on Physics Adalet Atayi, delivered a report on the book and noted that the book was published in Latvia and gives information on important scientific findings in the study of the atmosphere of the planets in the SHAO.

The author also talked about N.Ibrahimov’s results on Mars's spectral researches.

The book had been published for about four years and published by the staff of the SHAO leadership, V.D.Vivichenko, the employee of Astrophysics Observatory located in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the employee of the Institute of Physics of ANAS, PhD in physics Eltaj Yuzbashov.

Later, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sabir Mammadov, PhD in Physics and Mathematics Izzet Salmanov, PhD in Physics, Bahram Guluzade and others shared their memories of Nadir Ibrahimov.

At the end of his speech, Shakar Ibrahimova, the sister of N. Ibrahimov, expressed his deep gratitude to all.