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Master's Degree test exams to be held

The State Examination Center (SEC) will hold the first stage of the entrance exams to the magistracy of higher education institutions and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on February 25.

The first stage test exam will be held on February 4 for bachelors.

The tests to be used in the exam will be new and fit the program in the first stage of the entrance exams to the magistracy. The exam will be based on the admission exam model. The aim of examining bachelors, is to analyze their verbal and mathematical logic, spatial thinking, ICT and foreign language knowledge, skills and habits through closed and open test tasks at appropriate times and etc.

The exams will be organized in Ganja and Nakhchivan along with the city of Baku to ensure the convenience of the participants living in the regions. Those wishing to take part in the exam will be able to take the exam by registering on the SEC website on January 31, 10:00.

Candidates who want to participate in the exam should create a "Personal Cabinet" on the SEC website. The amount of payment for participation in the exam is 30 (thirty) manats. You can use different payment methods (for details on to enter the "Account" included in the "Personal Cabinet" amount.