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World crane day

Senior scientific worker of the Laboratory of Ornithology of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS), PhD in Biology Tahir Karimov made a speech on “Ecological culture of Azerbaijan and China”. Expert, ornithologist, participating in the event talked about cranes, which are playing an important role in shaping religious, philosophical worldview of Chinese and Turkish peoples. This event, dedicated to the "World crane Day" is organized for the students of the Faculty of Regional Studies and International relations of the Azerbaijan University of Languages.  He stressed the importance of the crane in these peoples’ culture, art and welfare. It should be noted that the scarecrows of the crane are stored in the Museum of the Institute of Zoology. In every year, hundreds of schoolchildren, nature-lovers are getting information on the importance, lifetime of the white, gray and elegant crane during an excursion to the museum. Ornithologists of the Institute of Zoology study these cranes, as well as give their practical suggestions on protection of them. As an example of it, suggestions on the placement of wind generators in the regions of Khizi and Absheron can be a good example. Thus, territories, which will be installed these objects are one of the places of cranes’ rest and renewal.

At the same time, employees of the Institute attend in the international conferences as well as they put forward their suggestions on the protection of the crane in the Palearctic.