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Announced date of entrance exams to master's degree

The State Examination Center announced date of the 1st (spring) entrance exams to master's degree to the Azerbaijani universities for I-IV group of specialties, the first stage of entrance exams to master's degree and residency, the 1st phase of the finals on the basis of general secondary education (9 years) and trial exams.

The 1st stage of the entrance examinations to master's degree of higher educational institutions and ANAS will be held on February 25, the 1st stage of entrance exams to the residency - April 1.

The electronic test exam (for basic subjects) for those wishing to enter the residency will be held on January 19 and 27, the 1st stage of the examinations for the magistracy - on February 4.

It should be noted that, in view of the fact that the examinations conducted by the State Examination Center are of a massive nature, the schedule of events is discussed jointly with a number of state bodies, is consistent and, after the final decision is made, is announced to the public. After specifying the schedule of other media exams, information will be provided and the section "Calendar" is included on the official website of the Center. It is recommended you regularly follow site for this section.