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High Technologies Park of ANAS held a meeting by representatives of "Micro Focus & HPE Software" company

High Technologies Park of ANAS held a meeting by representatives of "Micro Focus & HPE Software" company, Great Britain.

Director of the HTP, Doctor of Philosophy in Agrarian Sciences Vugar Babayevin his speech spoke about the work done in the direction of the development of the sphere of high technologies based on modern scientific and technological achievements in our country. He said that the projects implemented in this area contribute to the development of a knowledge-based economy and expand the introduction of high technologies and innovations into production.

High Technologies Park he leads is contributing to the development of business intelligence and innovative thinking, V. Babayev brought to the attention that in this scientific structure comprehensive measures are being taken aimed at integrating science and business, forming the knowledge economy.

Then, company Managing Director of "Micro Focus & HPE Software" Vladimir Glavchev informed about the structure he represented. It was noted that, "Micro Focus & HPE Software" is one of the largest companies covering innovations in the world of information technologies and bringing the existing software investments to the maximum.

Zaur Ahmedzadeh, Head of HTP Technology Transfer Department Mammad Baghirzadeh and Deputy Director of the International Relations Department also took part in the meeting.