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The scientific positions of a number of employees of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS have been increased

As per the instruction of the leadership of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, scientific positions of the some employees have been increased, taking into account their scientific results.

1.The 14th grade chief deputy of the Applied Zoological Center, Shelya Maharramova, was appointed to the 17th grade chief of the laboratory "Dry Invertebrates" from 19.12.2017 for 3 months of test period,

2. The 10th grade engineer-programmer of the Applied Zoology Center Vafa Khalilova was appointed to the 9th grade scientific worker from 13.12.2017,

3. The 10th-grade scientific employee of the laboratory "Dry Vertebrates " Elshad Asgarov was appointed to the 12th grade scientific worker from 18.12.2017.

Congratulations on this occasion on behalf of the leadership and staff of the Institute and wish them continued success in their work!