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Defense of the doctoral dissertation of the employee of the Hydrobiology Laboratory was held at the Defense Council of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS

The doctoral dissertation on the theme "Morpho-biological and ecological features of fish of the inland water basins of Azerbaijan, ways of regulating the stock of fishery fishery" was held in the Defense Council of the Institute of Zoology of the Hydrobiology Laboratory of ANAS.

N.J. Mustafayev has been studying and researching more than 17,000 fish from Azerbaijan's domestic water basins in all segments of 2009-2015. The large number of collected samples and the modernity of the methods used in the research provide the reliability of the results. As a result of the research it was found out that there are currently 11 groups, 15 chapters, 44 species of 1 round, 67 species and half fish in the internal water basins of Azerbaijan. 60 among them are fresh water and 8 are of sea origin. 8 types of freshwater species and sub-species are represented only by transient and semiconductor, 14 by transient and semi-arid and freshwater populations. 38 species and half of them live only in freshwater.

The two species of fish - Amur sailor and the Korean cleric were first mentioned for the fauna of Azerbaijan. The taxpayer has made substantial taxonomic analyzes, but previously untested species were excluded from the fauna, the names of the fish were adapted to the modern systematization and the classification of the Ichthyofauna of Azerbaijan's internal water basins.

The discrepancy of the Ixtiofauna to the inland water basin of Azerbaijan was revealed and it was established that in all 16 species and subspecies, 37 species and subspecies, 15 varieties and subspecies were spread only in a certain region. Distribution of ixtiofauna in regions, their similarity and differentiation coefficients are also defined in Azerbaijan.

For the first time, the dynamics of serotonin-mediated proteins were observed in different tissues of the fish in the transboundary rivers, and adaptation and disadaptation processes in fish against existing contamination were studied. It has been discovered that the different tissues of different species of living species living in the same water basins are different from the effects of adverse environmental factors, and they use adaptive potentials of varying degrees against these effects.

The plaintiff has studied the current condition of Azerbaijan's main fertilizer freshwater fish, the reasons for the reduction of their reserves, and the practical proposals for the restoration of fish stocks.

Information on the morphology, bioecology, dissemination, adaptation to the environment and the current state of reserves of fish in Azerbaijan's internal water basins can be used in research in this field, for monographs, fishermen books, and textbooks for higher and secondary specialized schools.