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German scientists visited ANAS High Technologies Park

Professors of the Technological University of Karlsruhe of Germany Christoph Hilgers and Lena Merz visited the ANAS High Technologies Park.

The purpose of the visit was to announce the winner of the HTP and the Institute of Geology and Geophysics project on "Influence of mud volcanoes on soil and groundwater quality".

Director of HTP, Doctor of Philosophy in Agrarian Sciences Vugar Babayev in his speech noted that, this project envisages the use of modern, new innovative products, as well as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

V.Babayev brought to the attention that Azerbaijani and German researchers will work together in the project and evaluate the correctness of the methods used.

During the meeting, were also held discussions on the pollution of the environment by mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan.