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One year has passed since the establishment of ANAS High Technologies Park

The ANAS High Technologies Park, established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 8, 2016, celebrated its first anniversary.

Director of HT Park, PhD in Agrarian Sciences Vugar Babayev spoke about the work done in the past period. He noted that the High Technologies Park, which is the venue for science and business, was created to promote sustainable development of the economy, increase its competitiveness and to expand its high-tech areas.

Babayev said that his organization has been implementing a number of successful projects in the past year to expand the national innovation system and to strengthen the investment flow in this area. “HT Parks supports the initiatives of young leaders who want to act as a major partner in the realization of a number of youth competitions in this direction, underlined V.Babayev.

New residents of the park were also provided with certificates.