Mirzayeva Naila Bahman gizi

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Baku State University

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The doctor of biological sciences


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Basic scientific achievements

As a result of long term investigations, nearly 400 leaf-beetle species (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) has been registered for fauna of Azerbaijan. More than 100 species of wood, fruit and vegetable pests, as well as their parasites and predators (entomophages) has been studied. The bio-ecological peculiarities of the Colorado bug and ulmus tree leaf-eating beetles has been investigated, the scientific principles of the struggling measures were worked out and submitted to the relevant organizations for further implementation. 

Names of scientific works

1. “Leaf-beetles in Azerbaijan”. Baku, “Elm”, 1988, p. 1-298 (monography)

2. “The forest injuring xylophages and their entomophages in the Lenkoran area”. The proceedings of conf. devoted to 80 years anniversary of acad. M.A.Musyev. Baku, 2001, p.170-174.

3.”The ecological peculiarities of leaf-beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in Azerbaijan”. The proceedings of Institute of Zoology, Baku, p.h.. «Elm», 2008, p. 326-332.

4. “Leaf-beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) damaging to vegetable and melons in Azerbaijan and their entomophags”; The proceedings of Institute of Zoology, Baku, p.h.. «Elm»,2011, 29 V, p.438-447.

5. “Wewils as pests of forest and orehard trees in The Greater Caucasus within Azerbaijan”. Baku. «Association of Azerbaijan zoologists», II V., 2010, p. 360-366;

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Twice obtained “The honorary decree” of NASA Presidium of Azerbaijan Republic 

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AZ1004, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city, str. A.Abasov, 1128 back street, 504 block


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(+994 12) 5397353


(+994 55) 6647505

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(+994 12) 4321025 


(+994 12) 5397353