Irada Eldar gizi Mustafayeva

Place of birth

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city


Date of birth



Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

Scientific degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology



Speciality code and title for PhD thesis


The role of parasites and predators in the bioregulation of melybugs (homoptera, coccoidea) that damage fruit trees in Absheron


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Basic scientific achievements

For the first time were studied the species composition, distribution, bioecological features, economic importance and entomophagous species of pests, that damage fruit trees  in the Absheron.

Names of scientific works

1.     Morphobiology and natural enemies of California and Comstock melybugs, which damage fruit trees in Absheron // ANAS News. Nakhchivan branch. Nakhchivan: Tusi, 2009, № 2, pages: 247-251

2.     The main pests (Homoptera, Coccidae) and their entomophagous pests on fruit trees in Absheron // Works of Azerbaijan Zoological Society of ANAS, volume II. Baku: Science, 2010, pages: 353-359

3.     Planococcus ficus Sign and its entomophagous pests that damage fruit trees in Absheron // Baku University News. Natural sciences series. Baku: Elm, 2011, pages: 94-99

4.     The role of predators (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in the bioregulation of the number of major pests (Homoptera, Coccidae) damaging fruit trees in Absheron // ANAS. News. Biological Sciences. Volume 66. Baku: Science, 2011, № 1, pages: 143-146

5.     Biological characteristics of harmful species of coccids (Coccidae) and their natural enemies in the conditions of the Absheron peninsula of Azerbaijan // Bulletin of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. Bishkek: 2012, Volume 12 No. 6, pages 144-146

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Institute of Zoology ANAS, black 504, passage 1128, A.Abbaszade str., Baku, AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic


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