Madatov Ramiz Idris

Place of birth

Vardenist  district, village Shishqaya, Armenia 

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Baku State University, Department of  Biology 

Scientific degree

Ph.D. in Biology 


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Some aspects of immune response of domestic fowl orqanizms to the parasites from genus  Eimeria. 

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Basic scientific achievements

For the first time, applying a complex biochemical and parasitological methods was found protective properties against eimeriosis alkyl derivatives of amino acids  has not been investigated so far in veterinary.

Relying on biochemical indices of the host- animal, survival, weight gain, reproductive parasite, has been substantiated the possibility of using of amino acid derivatives as perspective drugs in the fight against avian coccidiosis.

The method evaluating the effectiveness of anticoccidial drugs, by the number of total protein and several protein fractions has been developed in the blood.

 In chickens with eimeriosis (E.tenella) and its treatment with Baycox and wormwood metabolic changes were detected in amino acids and in enzyme activity and some issues of the biochemical essence of host-parasite relationships theoretically were grounded.

For the first time in the treatment of eimeriosis of the chickens were proposed scheme using a combination with Baycox and wormwood. 

Names of scientific works

2.The study of the antigen composition oocysts Eimeria tenella, E.acervulina, «Cytology», V.34, №4, 1992, p.58

2.The study amount of  Т- и В – limphocytes- in the liphoids organsof the chickens infected and imunised by


«Cytology», V.34, №4, 1992, p.90.

3.Some biochemical parameters of the Buffalo (Bubalus bubalus), infected by Sarcocystis fusiformis.// Proceedings of the Azerbaijan society of Zoologists, Baku, Science, 2013, p.46-51.

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Institute of  Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
Az1073, Baku, bloc 1128, kv. 504 


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(+994 55) 7783183 

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(+994 12) 4340673