Ellada Huseynova Agamelik gizi

Place of birth

Azerbaijan, Baku city

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Higher education institution

Baku State University

Scientific degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, Assistant professor

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«Studying of behavioral reactions Apanteles kazak, Hyposoter dydimator and Habrobracon the hebetor-cores of parasites cotton scoops»

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Main scientific achievements

Studying of behavioural responses of important parasites of cottonb bollworm playing the great role in regulation of its number (1986-1990)

Bioecological peculiarities of Macrocentrus collaris Spin., Meterus rubens Nees – parasites of some noctuids. (1991-1995)

Studying of species from the genus Rogas on the basis of experimental researches on relationships in the system parasitoid-phytophag (1996-2000)

Studying of entonmofauna in the forests of the North-East Azerbaijan undergoing to the oil pollution (2001-2005)

Ecology-faunistic review of Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Buprestidae families from Coleoptera in Azerbaijan and bioecological features of rare and economically valuable species (2006-2010)

Was the coordinator and the principal investigator of the project: “Bioecology and natural enemies of some lepidopterans (gypsy moth and lackey moth) outbreaking in the forests of Azerbaijan” supported by Scientific and Technological Center in Ukraine (STCU) and one of the principal investigators of the project “Gypsy moth, its natural enemies, and host plants in Azerbaijan” supported by US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) (BGP). Science Development Foundation “Research on not studied groups of insects of the Azerbaijan fauna, the definition of their status of a rarity” EİF-2011-1(3)-82/54-M-58. 2011-2012

Ecological and faunistic features of jewel beetles in the different natural regions of the republic were studied. The trophic relationships, molecular-genetic differences between ecological (feeding) types of polyphagous species, and biocenosis role of species and the current state of populations was determined on the basis of ecological indicators 

 Names of scientific works


1.Абдинбекова А.А., Гусейнова Э.А., Ахмедов Б.А. Эспериментальный анализ межвидовой личиночной конкуренции двух видов паразитоидов – Apanteles kazak Tel. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) и Hyposoter didymator Thunb (Hym.,   Ichneumonidae) Изв.АН Азерб.Сер.биол. наук. 1993. № 4-6. 97-101

2.Huseynova E CURRENT STATE OF JEWEL BEETLES (BUPRESTIDAE) IN AZERBAIJAN International Caucasian Forestry Symposium (ICFS), Artvin, Turkey, October 24-26, 2013127-136

3.Гусейнова Э.А., .Б.А.Ахмедов. Качественная и количественная структура семейства жуков Buprestidae Ленкоранской природной области Азербайджана. Журнал Новый Университет. Серия Вопросы естественных наук. № 1-2. 2016. 23-26

4.Abdinbekova A., Huseynova E., Kerimova I.Braconidae (Hymenoptera) in the collection of the Institute of Zoology, NAS of Azerbaijan Republic. Part V. Subfamilies Chardichilinae, Microgasterinae and Miracinae Beiträgezur Entomologie – Contributions to Entomology, Müncheberg, Germany, 67(2): 2017. 363-381

5. Huseynova  E.А. To Studies on the Fauna of the Jewel Beetles (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan. American Journal of Life Sciences. 2019; 7(3): 54-60

Membership of scientific bodies in republican, international and foreign countries

Member of Society of Zoologists of Azerbaijan

Pedagogical activity

2005-2008  school №162

2009-2012 Baku European Lyceum

Other activity


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Work place and address

Institute of Zoology of  ANAS.  Az1004, Azerbaijan, Baku, st.A.Abbaszade,pr.1128, bl.504


Leading researcher

Work tel.

(+994 12) 510 38 89

Mobile tel.

(+994 50) 374 62 91

Home tel.

 (+994 12) 491 67 11