Hasanova Jala Vasif gizi

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Baku city

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Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of Biology

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PhD in Biology

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Parasites of poultry in Absheron (Protozoa, Apicomplexa)

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 Species of poultry - coccidium salt of quails (Anser anser domesticus), Indian cake (Meleagridis dallopavano), Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) and Coturnix breed were determined in 8 regions of Azerbaijan. In poultry, 19 species of cocci have been identified that 13 of these parasites have been found in Azerbaijan for the first time. Five of them have been sexually abused.

For the first time, the pathogenic effects of E.bateri oocysts, parasitic in Coturnix quartz, and the temperature limits for their survival and normal development were determined. The activity of E. caterio-cysts, the activity of the enzyme gluutamatdehydrogenase, aspartate and alanine aminotransferase were studied.


 Names of scientific works


Eksperimental eimerioz (Eimeria tenella) zamani cücələrin bəzi orqanlarinda alt və ast fermentlərinin aktivliyi ilə qlutamin və asparagin turşularinin miqdari arasinda korrelyasiya əlaqələri

29.Смешанные инвазии цыплят и перепелов  в птицехозяйствах Абшеронского района-2017

30.Dynamics of proteolytic activity of trematodes in livers of sheeps and cows of Guba – Gusar  zone of Azerbaijan.-2017

31.Blood parasites in Galliformes from the some districts of Absheron region.-2017

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Az. 1073, A. Abbaszade Street, passage 1128, block 504, Institute of Zoology of ANAS


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