Şirinova Lalə Araz qızı

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Shirinova Lala

Place of birth

Baku city

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-          2413.01

-     Entomology 

- The role of entomophagous in the bioregulation of xylophages (Coleoptera) in Absheron and the possibility of their use in biological control

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Bioecological features of long-bearded insects damaging trees in Azerbaijan; Parasites of xylophages (Coleoptera), the main pests of trees and shrubs in Absheron, and the possibility of their use in biological control; Species composition, distribution and trophic relationships of xylophages (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Buprestidae, Scolytidae) distributed in Absheron; On the study of staphylinids; The role of entomophages in the regulation of the number of xylophages and the possibility of their use in the biological struggle in the conditions of the Absheron Peninsula of Azerbaijan etc.

Main work and address

ANAS Institute of Zoology 

A.Abbaszadeh str, block.501, passage 1128


Office contact

(012) 539-73-39


 (055) 774-22-66


(012) 448-69-96