Naila Iskenderova Hamid



Place of birth

Gandja , Azerbaijan 

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Azerbaijan State Agricultural University 

Scientific degree

PhD in Biology 


Senior Researcher 

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The featues of coccidian fauna of farm animals in farm economies of some Azerbaijan districts 

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Basic scientific achievements

First found in Azerbaijan in fecal samples of goats E.punctata, of horses and of donkeys E.uniungulatı,E.solipedium.
In Azerbaijan zebu, buffalo, goats, horses and donkeys were first marked as hosts of cryptosporidium. First found tissue cystsSarcocystis sp. in zebu and in goats.First found in camels Eimeria dromedarii. First found coccidia genera Eimeria sp., Isospora sp.Cryptosporidium sp. 1. and Cryptosporidium sp.2. in fecal samples of ostrichs. 

Names of scientific works

1. Eimeriid Coccidia (Sporozoa, Apicomplexa) in farm animals of Azerbaijan // Proceedings biological N5-6, Baku, Elm, 2007 p.86-96. 

2. Infection of camels and ostriches introduced in Azerbaijan for breeding with coccidian (Coccidia, Sporozoa)// Proceedings of the Azerbaijan society of zoologists, Volume II, Baku, Elm,  2010. p. 39-45.

3. Prevalence of infection with coccidian (Sporozoa, Apicomplexa) in the large and small cattle the farm economies of Azerbaijan depending on the height above the sea level // Proceedings of the Azerbaijan society of zoologists, Volume II, Baku, Elm, 2012. p.101-106.

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Member of Azerbaijan Society of Zoologists

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Other activities

At the Institute of Zoology is a member of a trade union in the laboratory of protozoology is financially responsible person.

Participant, project «ZOO» - developing recommendations for improving life conditions of animals kept in Baku Zoo  (grant support by ISAR/Azerbaijan) (2000)

Participant, project 2000 «Anti-parasite measures in urban ecosystems» (grant support by ISAR/Azerbaijan) (2000)

Participant, project «Prevalense of HİV-associated opportunistic protozoan pathogens in patients, wild and synanthropic rodents (3829 (R))»  (grant support by STCU) 2009-2012

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Main place of work and its address

Institute of Zoology, NAS of Azerbaijan,Baku, passage 1128, block 504. 


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(+994 12) 5397371 


(+994 55) 6574539 

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(+994 12) 5394577 


(+994 12) 5397353