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Anti-pseudoscience commission established in ANAS

The purpose of the Commission is to clarify the essence and bringing to the public the pseudoscientific claims, as well as in awareness-raising activities to combat pseudoscience.

It was decleared by ANAS Acting Vice-President, Academician-Secretary of Department of Chemical Sciences, Academician Dilgam Tagiyev during his speech in connection with the Regulations of the Commission on the fight against pseudoscience at a meeting of the Presidium of ANAS. He noted that, according to the Regulation, the structure of the Presidium of ANAS volunteer considered scientific advisory body of ANAS.

The scientist noted that, Commission coordinates the activities of the scientific departments, institutions and organizations of ANAS to combat the falsification of science and research, as well as providing support for the organization and conduct of scientific expertise of new projects, used in the production and military.

According D.Tagiyev, main activities of the Commission - working with different ministries, universities and public organizations, providing media support for the publication of materials aimed at combating pseudoscience, analysis of the current state of the propagation and promotion of pseudoscience in the country information.