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A competition will be held for the following vacancies at the Institute of Zoology

The Institute of Zoology announces a competition for the following vacancies:

Head of the Terrestrial Invertebrate Laboratory - 1 staff unit Department of Education - 1 staff unit Head of the Social Relations Department - 1 staff unit

Senior Researcher at the Applied Zoology Center- 1 staff unit Senior Researcher at the Terrestrial Vertebrate Laboratory- 1 staff unit

on the Paleozoology Laboratory:

Laboratory head - 1 staff unit

Leading researcher - 1 staff unit

Senior researcher - 1 staff unit

Researcher - 1 staff unit

Junior researcher - 1 staff unit

The competition may involve scientific staff or PhDs in biology, or experienced professionals in relevant fields.

Documents are to be submitted to the Scientific Secretariat within one month of the date of announcement in accordance with the requirements of the competition.

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