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The worker of ANAS, IZ, PhD in Biology Fuad Rzayev has been in expedition.

The scientific worker of the "Laboratory for parasites of aquatic animals" of the Institute of Zoology, ANAS, PhD in Biology Fuad Rzayev has been in expedition on the plan of  subject on "Yearling babies of salmons, which are grown in fish hatcheries (Gabala, Chaykend, Garadakh) and are run period of adaptation to seawater, Dynamics of infection by babies of parasites, the identification of pathogenic parasites of babies of forel in individual forel economy" in special forel economy, which is operating in Nabran village of Khachmaz region, on 10.05.2016 - 17.05.2016. During this period, he has collected information on detention conditions of the reproductive fish at the farm, which are grown to an age and their density, their nutrition, composition of feed, porch technology, water source of fish boiling spring, which is used for storage of fish, their chemical composition, temperature, preventive measures against the parasitological disease. During the expedition, forels, which were in various age groups have been researched by the method of the full parasitological discointing in farm conditions, some of them have been brought to the laboratory, fixed in 4% formalin.

Additionally, molluscs and free-floating cancers, which are the intermediate hosts of some helminths (trematodes, thorny-headed), parasitizing in fish have been collected and have been brought alive to the laboratory for research.