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A reporting session on scientific and scientific-organizational activities of Institute of Zoology has been held

A reporting meeting has been held devoted to the results of the scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Institute for 2018 with the participation of the Department of Biology and Medical Sciences on December 12, 2018 at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS. The meeting was attended by the Director of the Institute of Genetic Resources, deputy secretary of the Department of Biology and Medical Sciences Zeynal Akperov, Scientific Secretary of the Department of Biology and Medical Sciences, PhD in Agrarian Sciences Afiq Mammadov.

Director of the Institute, Ph.D in physics, docent Elman Yusifov gave detailed information about the scientific researches carried out at the institute this year and received the results, in the direction of "Biodiversity, Investigation, Restoration, Conservation and Efficient Use of Diversity, 3 problems, 10 subjects, 39 scientific research works, faunistic investigation of pelicans in high mountain lakes of Azerbaijan, description of 1 new species for science (Awerintzewia minuta), and 1 species (Awerintzewia Schouteden, 1906) for Caucasian fauna and first record of 2 new species (Difflugia serbica Ogden and Živković, 1983 and Difflugia biconvata Ertl, 1965) shows that Heterodera mothi (Khanet Husain, 1965) depicted in the roots of Cyperus rotundus L. (Cyperaceae, Poales) plant in India, parasite nematode type Mugan d (Triticum aestivum L.) on the face for the first time for the Caucasian (including Azerbaijan) fauna, the morphology of the second stage of H.Mothi females systs and larvae, phylogenetic relationships with other types of Heterodera genus, ribasomal RNA ITS and mitochondrial DNA is based on the analysis of COI genes, belonging to the Cyperium group of these species, and the first type of marinated species belonging to the Erpobdellidae family in the basin of Azerbaijan - Dina Stschegolewi, Dina Lineata and Dina cf. and he also gave detailed information on the establishment of the Persian Gulf. The director has also made a speech on publishment of the X-volume of the book "Works of Azerbaijan Zoological Society" XXXVI, № 1, "The Works of the Institute of Zoology" and 3 monographs, 68 articles, 48 thesis, including 119 scientific works , 45 articles and 27 abstracts abroad, 17 articles published by the staff in impressive magazines, about launching of the "Azerbaijan fauna" - the creation of the National Information System, the beginning of the inventory of the fauna of the vertebrate (about 700 species) 5 dissertations on doctor's degree, 5 doctorate and 6 dissertations for the preparation of doctoral dissertations, 2 masters in magistracy, in D1.0171 dissertation council at the Institute of Zoology in 2018, on professions "zoology", "entomology" and "parasitology" (3

doctors of sciences, 5 PhDs), during which the institute employees participated in local and foreign conferences throughout the year.

At the end of the session, discussions were held about the report, proposals were heard and the annual report of the institute for 2018 was adopted.