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The next scientific seminar of the Institute has been held

Junior scientific worker of the Institute of the Laboratory Herpetology, Nizami Novruzov's dissertation work for the degree of PhD in Biology on "Biological and morpho-ecological characters of the eastern part of Azerbaijan, in arid areas tortoise (Reptilia, Testunides) " has been discussed. It was first studied the morphology, biology, ecology of marsh turtles and tortoises of the Caspian and Mediterranean seas. An open aviary has been created in order to restore the number of Mediterranean sea turtle population.

Scientific supervisor of the work is the corresponding member of ANAS, Doctor of Science in Biology, Professor Ilham Alakbarov, PhD in Biology, advisor Sahib Ahmadov, reviewers Doctor of Science in Biology Mahir Huseynov and PhD in Agricultural sciences Tahir Karimov.