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Lankaran grown a new sort of lemon

ANAS Lankaran Regional Scientific Center and Lankaran tea department of the Institute of Horticulture and Tea Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture conducted joint scientific research on various types of tea and citrus fruits.

The goal was to preserve the morphological, biological and economic values of less common species in local conditions, to select and create new varieties according to quality indicators.

According to the information received from the center's director, Professor Farman Guliyev, a new sort of lemon was created in the course of scientific research. Growing a new variety of lemon is less expensive than agrotechnical care, and its productivity is 40-50 percent more.

F.Guliyev noted that, the new grade of lemon "Lankaran Meieri" ("Meier agchichek") differs from traditional varieties with high productivity, resistance to frost, diseases and pests. Expanding the cultivation of the variety "Lankaran Meieri" and its further use in the economy will enable to develop this sector in our country and get a high yield.

The scientist said that, by the end of this year it is also planned to grow a new type of citrus - fast-growing mandarin "Lankaran Carlisi".