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Employees of the Botanical Institute attended the Volkswagen Fund meeting

Within the framework of the memorandum signed between Institute of Botany of ANAS, Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum and Germany (BDBGBM) held next working meeting organized by Volksvagen Foundation on the "Preparation of Plant Variety Protection in the South Caucasus" project in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Director of the Institute of Botany, Academician Valida Alizadeh, coordinator of the project, Head of Laboratory of Physiological Ecology of Plants, Ph.D. in Biology Esmira Alirzayeva and Head of Education Department, Ph.D. in Biology Rashad Salimov attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Azerbaijan delivered papers on achievements and project.

Modern research on the selected plant species, internships of young specialists at the BDBGBM, joint publications, as well as the institute's herbarium specimens protected at Herbarium Fund to continue work on a virtual database was discussed.