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The results of the two-month expedition of parasitological laboratory staff have been announced

Employees of the Parasitology Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS visited the expedition in some regions of Azerbaijan, as well as in St. Petersburg, Russia.

During the expedition to Devechi port, Shabran district, Absheron peninsula, Ganja, Goygol, Agstafa, Tovuz and St. Petersburg, a large number of parasitological materials were collected from population and wild mammals, plants, and animals living in water. The materials are suitable for parasitological methods such as gym, full helmintic splitting, incomplete helminthic splitting, compressor, pavlovic, berman, centrifuge, sieve, etc. methods were studied.

Collected helmintological materials are labeled with 70 and 95 percent alcohol and 3 percent formulations.

Species were identified during laboratory analyzes on helminthological materials.

As a result of the assignment 2 individuals Herpobdella, 1 individual Haementeria costata; 2 individuals Herpobdell Haementeria costata, 3 herpes (Herpobdella, Haementeria costata and Hirudo orientalis), including 1 species of trematod in bustling animals, 3 species of cestodes, 6 species of nematodes, 2 species of trematods in vagrant animals, 4 types of cestodes and 14 nematodes was made.

During the study, mosquito larvae were also obtained by pavlovicki method, and preparations were made by sieving. Preparations (50 pieces) were painted by pamanovski gimza.

Scientific research is underway in the laboratory.