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Annual Reports of Parasitology and Protozoology Labs were discussed at Scientific Council of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS

The results of 6 scientific studies carried out on two themes, initiated by the Parasitology Laboratory in Science Council in 2017 were firstly listened.

It was noted at the meeting that laboratory staff conducted a study on the spread of major helminthic agents, which have a significant impact on the productivity and development of breeding animals in the north-eastern foothills of the Minor Caucasus, biodiversity of parasites of Azerbaijan, biological, ecological, morphological and zoogeographic studies of parasites. One of the goals of the research is to develop the scientific basis for the prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases.

In the reporting year, 7 articles (4 abroad) were published in scientific journals and 7 articles (5 of which were issued abroad) were submitted for publication.

5 scientific research works were carried out on 3 topics by the Protozoology Laboratory in accordance with the research plan of the Institute.

Four monographs, 16 articles (10 of them included in the database of Thomson Reuters) and 10 theses were published by the laboratory staff, 1 thesis and 5 articles were submitted for publication.