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Employee of the Applied Zoology Center had a business trip to Turkey for studying the bee diseases

A junior researcher of the Applied Zoology Center of the Institute of Zoology, Rafiga Aliyeva, participated in the scientific-methodological training course on bee diseases in Uludağ University, Bursa, Turkey, on October 16-28.

The participation in the course took place within the grant project of the Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

R. Aliyeva has studied theoretical and practical knowledge about bee pests, parasitic, bacterial, viral and fungal diseases and learned how to combat these diseases at the Parasitology Department of Veterinary Medicine of Uludağ University during her 10 days trip.

The training course was conducted at the university's laboratory and university-owned economy field.

R. Aliyeva studies the parasitic diseases such as "Varroa Destructor" (Varratoz), "Acarapis woodi" (Acarapitosis), "Kiraj", "Stones" and Nosema cerenae, "American decay" wax moth, wild bees, pine nuts, ants, and so on. as well as methods of investigation of diseases and pests, physical, chemical and biological methods of struggle against them.