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Zoology Institute distributes high-quality first-class fish from artificial lakes to workers

The Institute of Zoology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) has achieved successful results on experiments conducted for purchasing ecologically clean products in the country.

An achievement has been obtained in the acquisition of ecologically clean fish products such as the Mingachevir Scientific Practice Point of the Institute.

As a result of the research, 3 species of fish with high ecological quality have been grown in the lakes in the area adapted to natural conditions, parasitological analysis.

Artificial breeding of naha fish has already begun in the lakes. About 1 ton of fish has been distributed to employees of the Institute of Zoology, and some have been handed over to the Office of the ANAS.

These studies, which have great scientific significance, have been studied in terms of the dependence of the growth, growth and development of the annual lambs, white amphoras, thick fishes grown in the lakes, feedstream, norms, parasitic fauna. The research is also of great importance for the development of commodity fishing in the country. The obtained results create new opportunities for the cultivation of ecologically clean fishes in the lake.

Taking into account that the results of the study may be of particular interest to entrepreneurs engaged in fishing, the paid lake fishery trainings will be held.